Emerging Vines has emerged!


For our first ever blog post we thought we’d share our story so far and provide the reasons behind our ongoing love affair with English wine!

Having established ourselves back in April ‘17, the past 6 months have been an amazing blur of wine, cheese, vineyard visits and tastings. Of-course we have occasionally battled with inevitable stress thrown up by starting a new business however this has been overshadowed by the overwhelming friendliness and support shown by all of the English Wine producers we have worked with so far.

Over the last 10 years, English and Welsh Wine has snowballed into national and international headlines. Whilst the polar icecaps grumble, English winemakers are certainly making the most of increasingly temperate growing conditions - the current English climate is similar to that of the Champagne region in France, almost 60 years ago. Whilst it is commonplace to thank the change in climate for a revival of English viticulture, it is also important to realise that winemakers in our country are getting younger and younger. There are a significant amount of passionate and committed English youngsters working their way up through the wine production ranks and we believe that this is part of the reason for the industry’s many successes. Where budding young winemakers may previously have gone abroad and stayed, they are now returning to home soil to feed their skills back into our own industry.

Then there are those on the other side of the industry, the Sommeliers, Bloggers, Merchants and of course consumers, all of which are supporting the industry by listing, selling and buying English Wine. UHY Hacker Young have literally just reported figures showing 76% increase in Sparkling Wine Sales in the last five years and the success of English Sparkling has made a huge contribution to this statistic.

Our aim as a business is to spread the word and to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience what this country has to offer and to support all the hard working producers.

From countryside estates steeped in history to brand new state of the art wineries popping up at a rapid pace - our aim is to provide an informative and fun link between producers and consumers. We will be working closely with English and Welsh producers with the aim of sourcing quality, unique and up and coming wines from the country's best and most exciting. Our goal is to provide light hearted and informative producer profiles, easy going tasting notes and a general background into the industry on our home turf.

Keep your eyes peeled for regular blog updates and join The English Wine Movement!