Camel Valley

The Winery


Stood outside the front of their gargantuan (by UK standards) winery, it's hard to imagine that the wine making here was once all done by hand (or foot!) Stepping through corrugated sliding doors, the sophisticated technology inside has come a long way since Camel Valley's rather rustic beginnings back in 1989. 

Sam crushing some Grapes.jpg

Within the winery, the machinery is what you'd expect from one of England's top wine producers. State of the art presses, shiny fermentation vessels, a disgorging line, bottling and labeling equipment and a dazzling array of gyro-pallates. 

riddling camel valley.jpg

More recently, Camel Valley announced that they have doubled their riddling capacity to include several new gyropallates (pictured above with Sam for scale). This will speed up what once had the capacity to be a tedious and time consuming part of Sparkling Wine production. With the entire winery now run by self generated solar energy (the excess of which is sold back into the national grid), the Lindo family are every bit as business savvy as they are world class winemakers. 

Having recently completed a major winery extension, the winery now has capacity for up to a million bottles. These are leading figures for an industry which is still very much in its infancy!


Camel Valley Bottle Tops.jpg