The Finer Details

How does the Emerging Vines Wine Club work?

The ‘Exclusive’ Option - £70.00 per month fee gets you two high value bottles or three moderate value bottles of high quality English wine delivered to you door on a monthly basis.

The ‘Premium’ Option - £135.00 per month fee gets you five bottles including one high value or six moderate value bottles of high quality English wine delivered to you door on a monthly basis.

Why should I sign up up?

The English wine industry is growing at a fast pace with quality increasing all the time. We’ve done and will carry on doing the groundwork to seek out the best producers and wines to ensure you’re up to date and are tasting the best English wines out there… maybe even a few unreleased?!

What makes your club so special?

We come from from varied backgrounds in the wine industry but all share the same goal… to work closely with selected producers in order to gain the best understanding of their wines and to source the highest quality and most exciting wines of the moment. At a time of uncertainty, one thing people are beginning to realise is that we need to support small homegrown businesses. Now the wine quality is most definitely there, this subscription fully supports the producers on our home turf.

Why do you charge monthly?

Some wine clubs charged fixed upfront fees. We decided that spreading out the payments would make much less of a dent, thus making the subscription more manageable to ensure members don’t miss out on future selections.

We also need to purchase wine upfront and direct from the producers in order to fulfil every subscription as it grows. This means quantities will change and we will therefore need a little bit of leeway to make it work and to ensure no one misses out!

When will I know which wines will be included in my selection?

We will be formulating our blog and social media posts around the specific producers we have selected for the package. All selections will include tasting cards with relevant producer information and tasting notes.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes! You will receive 10% discount off all other products, events and you’ll be included in member only events, when they arise. We will also be working with producers to establish member only privileges such as exclusive cellar door discounts or even discounted visits and tastings with the producers at their vineyards or wineries.

How much is the delivery cost?

Free! We take care of that for you so the price you see is the price you pay!

Can I put my subscription on hold?

There is an easy way on your Emerging Vines account to click suspend and ‘hold’ your subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, definitely, it’s as easy to cancel as it is to set up but the downside is you’ll stop receiving the wines!

What payment gateway do you use and is it safe?

We use Stripe who are very secure and who act as the gateway for many of the biggest online retailers.

When will my payment come out?

The first payment will be come out when you first subscribe. Then your account will be debited on a monthly basis from after the initial payment day.

When will I receive my wine selection?

We will ship your selection via nationwide courier to ensure it arrives within the last five working days of the month. You will be able to track your wine to monitor its journey.

Why do you state you will sometimes send 2 or 3 bottles and 5 or 6 bottles?

Everyone likes a bit of luxury sometimes so we thought every once in a while we would include a bottle of the absolute best! These wines naturally come in at a higher price point so we have take out another wine in order to include this. It can be a great way of occasionally tasting the absolute premium offering from some of the high-end English producers! We all believe that variation is important in wine so we will only throw these in on occasion. The 3 bottle and 6 bottle boxes will be the norm.