The Vineyard

Polgoon's site on the South Cornish coast sits just outside of the historic fishing town of Penzance. Their proximity to the Atlantic Ocean means conditions can be challenging but with careful planning and vineyard management, they have been able to produce some outstanding results.


Their South facing site is free draining, which is vital in their maritime environment. The vineyard trellising system is mix of VSP Double Guyot with some more recently introduced Scott Henry (common in New Zealand), which is allowing more light to increase ripeness. Certain blocks of the vineyard are planted under poly tunnel to ensure more sheltered conditions for the delicate varieties such as Pinot Noir and ensuring they will have ripe fruiting some of the more challenging years.

The site is blessed with a mineral rich, granite soil type that was once home to a commercial flower farm. Their orchards at the Eastern end of the site thrive, resulting in a popular and successful range of ciders.