The Vineyard

Raimes are able to achieve excellent results in their vineyard because of their unique sunny position in the South Downs. Their sole focus remains on growing the holy trilogy of Sparkling Wine production varietals - Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay. 


A modest site of 10 acres was originally planted in 2011 in Alresford, Hampshire with the desire to grow the ripest grapes in order to produce the best sparkling wines.



They train the vines in the classic cane pruned double Guyot system on sun soaked south facing slopes. Maintaining the integrity of their soil is vital at Raimes and reflecting this in their wines is key. Situated on the well drained, chalk soils of the region gives ideal conditions for the vines - enabling them to make the most of our long growing season and drawing a flavour profile which reflects their soils.