Renegade London Wine

The Story

Josh Hammond (Left), Warwick Smith (Right).

Josh Hammond (Left), Warwick Smith (Right).

Renegade London Wine was founded in 2016 by Warwick Smith -previously an asset manager in London and Asia. Having met Warwick at London Wine Fair 18 (see interview), it’s hard to imagine him anywhere other than leading the way for Renegade - his energy is palpable!

Being based in London we are very close to amazing UK vineyards and super close to mainland Europe for access to a wider range of grape varieties and super producers. The UK is an innovative, open-minded country that embraces innovation and also loves wine. Renegade is a good fit for people who love wine, love English wine and wants a new brand to challenge the norms and innovate in wine. The advantages of being in London is that we don’t have to play by appellation rules so we can try new things and make new wine styles.
— Warwick Smith

Under the talented eye of head winemaker, Josh Hammond, Renegade source top quality fruit, push boundaries and innovate using an array of modern and ancient wine making techniques. Maybe even to determine the London style?