The Vineyard

Sharpham’s first 10 acres was planted in 1987 and it’s a combination of things that come together to give them their unique growing conditions. Planted on all important South Facing slopes, this picturesque plot is perched on the tip of a tongue of land surrounded by the meandering River Dart.  The vineyard receives shelter from the Dart Valley and benefits from extra sunlight reflected off the river. 

sharpham aerial.jpg

The soil is topped with a relatively shallow layer of iron rich sandy loam on top of a bed of shillet which aids with drainage. The growth of grass is encouraged and some weeds are left between the rows to cut through the soil, further aiding with the drainage and also boosting the vineyard's biodiversity. The vineyard is sat on an ancient volcanic site surrounded with visible volcanic outcrops. Sharpham feel that these surrounding features contribute a unique sense of terroir to the final outcome of the wines. 

Ensuring all their fruit is handpicked at optimum ripeness, they can sometimes be among the last to finish harvest thanks to their long, mild South West growing season. 


Their flagship variety is Madeleine Angevine and they're considered to produce one of the finest examples with the variety particularly taking to the soils and sheltered vineyard location. It ripens early with good yields and isn't too high in acidity - a plus point for our cool climate.