Trevibban Mill

The Vineyard

It seems their organic approach, along with the south easterly aspect, shelter in the valley and various ‘wind-break’ techniques employed (netting) to shield the double guyot trained vines from the harsh Atlantic winds have paid off. The fine loam and slate soil brings out vibrant fruit through their range.


At one point, Certified Organic by the Soil Association, this vineyard is unique in that it employs enviromentlly sustainable wine growing techniques. This is overwhelmingly evident in the wonderful array of bees, birds and wildlife, which are almost impossible to miss on a walk around the vineyard and orchards. Even the wild hedgerows around the vineyard teem with life and their flock of Southdown Sheep patrol the rows.


They take care to ensure the danger of trunk and fungal diseases  are kept to a minimal with constant scrutiny of the vines and Cornish weather systems. With careful vine training, pruning and canopy management they ensure their vines produce beautiful clean berries with optimal ripeness and minimal intervention.