Vagabond Urban Winery

The Growers

Whilst the Vagabond focus tends to be on sourcing the best Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Bacchus from the vineyards of South Eastern England, they will also be broadening their range with some Ortega in 2018.

Grapes are also sourced from abroad. A quick look at Gav’s instagram (@gavmonery) will reveal that a considerable portion of his time as a winemaker is spent outside of the UK. Chardonnay is sourced from Limoux (France), Chenin and Cinsault from the Western Cape (South Africa) and other grapes will also be sourced from growers in Italy and Spain.

Essentially I start harvesting in August in France and finish in October in the UK, spending March in South Africa. We buy fresh grapes and I make the wines myself, so I’m on the ground in each country throughout the harvest and fermentation period. It makes for a long harvest for me, but ensures we have full control over the process. The grapes are all transported in 25kg crates after being hand picked and are generally chilled prior to pressing/processing.
— Gav Monery - Head Winemaker

Gav believes that some of the fruit sourced from the outstanding 2018 vintage could have the potential of making some of the best English wines on the market.