Will Perkins - Hattingley Valley

Will Perkins 1.jpg

Age: 27
Vineyard: Hattingley Valley
Position: Assistant Winemaker


What inspired you to become a winemaker?

The creative licence and artistry of winemaking and the opportunity to work alongside like-minded people in the pursuit of the perfect bubble.


Please describe your winemaking journey so far…


Having grown up in the area and as part of the team that planted our first vineyard in 2008, I’m fortunate enough to have seen the Hattingley Valley project from the very beginning. My interest in wine began then and has continued from that point on-wards. 

The chance to come on board full time in 2013 presented itself as a very exciting opportunity and one that I’ve not looked back from. To have seen the product from root to cork is an incredibly special journey for me.

I’ve been able to complete two foreign vintages as well, at Graham Beck in South Africa and at Raventos i Blanc in Spain.

Describe your personal highlight of your career so far. 

2 World Champion Trophies in 4 years at the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships: 2011 Hattingley Valley Rose and 2011 Hattingley Valley Blanc de Blancs Magnum.


Can you think of a valuable piece of information/advice you wish you had been given prior to training? 

Think outside the box when looking at career paths. If you can turn a hobby into a profession then you’ll forever enjoy your job.


Which of your current wines are you most excited about?

2016 The Bacchus Blues, a project I spearheaded. 


What were the last two truly memorable English wines (that weren’t your own) that you tasted? 

2009 Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs
2015 Black Chalk Wild Rose (pre-release) - (released since interview).

Decanter recently published an article which highlighted a shortage of young recruits into the English Wine industry - what would you say in order to convince young people in the UK into considering a career in winemaking? 

It offers chance to be part of a dynamic and very exciting period for English wine both domestically and internationally and to be at the forefront of cool-climate viticulture, pushing the boundaries both geographically and innovatively.