Sharpham Sparkling Reserve Extra Brut NV

Sharpham Sparkling Reserve Extra Brut NV


A carefully blended non vintage made in a brilliantly clean and dry extra brut style. Predominantly Pinot Noir but with the addition of Chardonnay, wines from 2013 / 14 / 15 are matured before being blended and spending 28 months on the lees.

The resulting wine has a bright amber glow and hits you with sour nectarine and tangerine with a subtle toastiness. Clean and bracing on the palate with more sour stone fruits and a steely acidy that’s balanced with a delicate mousse. By holding back on the dosage the work in the cellar comes to life and that trademark English acidity really reaches its potential.

  • Hand picked fruit

  • Pinot Noir / Chardonnay

  • Wine matured and blended from 2013 / 2014 / 2015

  • Stainless steel ferments

  • 28 months on less

  • Extra Brut

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