Wiston Estate

The Vineyard

Wiston Estate planted 6.5ha of vines planted on a south/south-east-facing escarpment of pure chalk in the heart of England’s South Downs, West Sussex in 2006 and recently adding a further 3.6ha in 2017.

Vineyard high res.jpg

This sun trap slope is protected from the prevailing winds promoting ripeness for their Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier varieties that are trained in the Pendelbogen Training System (a variant of Double Guyot) to ensure that the nutrients and sap are evenly spread along the cane.


As well as shelter and focused sunlight their vineyard sits on an ancient chalk seam covered by a shallow layer (10-30 cm) of topsoil which brings structure and elegance to their wines. Moderate rainfall, cool winters and temperate summers couple with cool breezes from the south coast, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly but fully and retain the crucial acidity and freshness vital for the production of high-quality sparkling wine.