Wiston Estate

The Winery

Dermot Sugrue is at the helm of the winery which posses a traditional Coquard basket press (as used in the Champagne region) unique to the UK and 1 of only 4 found outside of Champagne. The fruit is gently whole bunch pressed enabling extraction of the very highest quality to maximise the purity of the juice, followed by minimum intervention in the winemaking process so the wine can best reflect its vineyard’s origin.

The Coquard Press is on the first floor of the winery and the pressed juice is fed by gravity to be collected in the tanks below so the juice isn’t overly agitated by pumping.

Coquard Press.jpg

For the first fermentation of Non-Vintage wines, Wiston use stainless steel tanks to preserve the freshness and purity of the grapes. For Vintage wines, Wiston use old Burgundy barrels to promote a gentle micro-oxygenation process, refining the mouthfeel and structure of the wine; however, there is no oak flavour imparted to the wine.

Lees aging tends to be between 3 - 5 years which is followed by a further 6 months on cork before release.